Weather of the week: heat burst on Wednesday, what are the expected temperatures?


Grayness, rain, humidity, freshness… The previous days have been worthy of an early autumn. And yet! Summer has not said its last word. According to La Chaîne Météo forecasts, the sun and the great mildness, even the heat, will be there for this first week of October. The forecaster even mentions “a radical change in weather” compared to last week, with temperatures which should be 5 to 6°C above normal for the season.

“An anticyclonic cell swells over the Benelux on Monday then constitutes over the week an anticyclonic ridge between the Azores and central Europe. At altitude, it is air of subtropical origin which rises and envelops the whole of the country and of Western Europe”, explains the site specializing in meteorology. For Wednesday, October 5, 2022, the hottest and summery day of the week, the value of the air mass “is forecast between 10 and 15°C at 1500 meters altitude”, specifies the forecaster. In the middle of summer, these circumstances would give temperatures above 30°C.

On the mercury side, therefore, the afternoons will be very mild… But beware in the morning: the minimums will be a little low, and the nights will still be cool. “The sweater will be worn in the morning, while the T-shirt will be more than enough in the afternoon”, advises La Chaîne Météo. While temperatures will gradually rise over the week, Wednesday will be the hottest day with up to 29°C locally. But where will the weather be most summery? Check it out in our slideshow below.