Jack (69) death by his own tractor


Town –

In the Town, it is Monday evening, the 69-year-old farmer, Jean-Paul-Deschaumes the Ommegangstraat a tragic thing to have in the life to come. He came to are to be justified.

The dramatic accident happened when Jean-Paul’s manure to spread on his fields, on the Small Bergkouter, just a stone’s throw from the farm. It was his wife that, to him, was to be found, suspended in a delicate place with his tractor. The vehicle was lying on its side in the undergrowth of the adjoining forest.

Jean-Paul-Deschaumes, 69. Photo: fdv,

What is the accident and exactly what can be done, it is still not clear. The fire department of the post-Town, and the GNAT team at a general hospital and Glorieux were found, but the lying the uprooted emergency service were not able to help much more.

Jean-Paul-Deschaumes, was in Town to be known as a friendly figure. His tractor pulled up, he feestwagens in the processions of Bommels and Fiertel.