Towards another tax cut? This is the project that the President of the Republic now wishes to put in place to respond to the decline in the purchasing power of the French. “Taxation crushes purchasing power gains between 1,500 and 2,500 euros. I’m talking about those who are too rich to be helped and not rich enough to live well,” said Emmanuel Macron during his interview with the newspaper. from 8 p.m. on TF1, Monday May 15, 2023.

He also specified that this decrease will concern “French men and women who work hard, who want to raise their children well and who today, because the cost of living has risen, because the dynamics of wages are not still there, are struggling to make it through the end of the month”.

This is not the first time that the Head of State has taken such a decision. He himself assured that, during his first five-year term, taxes have already fallen by 52 billion euros.

If this figure can be disputed, it is true that taxation has fallen in recent years, in particular thanks to the decline in the 2nd income tax bracket, the abolition of the housing tax or the television license fee. , recalls BFMTV choices sometimes strongly criticized by the opposition.

“There are 2 billion tax cuts for households. I asked the government to make proposals so that it focuses on these middle classes”, declared the President of the Republic. This tax cut should take place “when the budgetary trajectory allows it in this five-year term, in this term of office”.

Discover in our slideshow the areas on which this tax cut could be made.