Injury Lawyers Represent Class of Individuals Injured by Zantac

Injured man consulting an attorney about a lawsuit.

Zantac lawsuits are quite popular with lawyers, who often receive huge amounts of money when their case is won. A recent lawsuit against Zantac is worth exploring. It involves people who were diagnosed with health problems such as cancer after using Zantac medication for heart burn.

Efficiency of Zantac Products

Zantac is a popular heart burn treatment for people in the United States and other places throughout the world. Zantac received rave reviews for treating heartburn. Unfortunately, not all Zantac products were created equal. There are some Zantac users out there who have experienced serious medical conditions and diseases after using Zantac, some of which include bladder cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer! Some of the Zantac defense attorneys who are currently appealing the class-action lawsuits filed by Shouse Law Group and other plaintiffs lawyers claim that the effectiveness of Zantac greatly depends on how the drug is used.

The Latest on Zantac

The Zantac lawsuits are now pretty much consolidated in a type of class-action federal court down in the south – Florida actually. So if you’re one of the unfortunately people out there who have been taking Zantac for a long time and have recently been diagnosed with a form of cancer, or another serious medical condition or disease, then you’d want to consider filing a Zantac claim with the help of an experienced attorney like the ones over at Shouse Law Group. The judge in the Zantac JCCP recently announced that the first Zantac test trial in this consolidated state court litigation in Florida will begin in October 2022, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Zantac litigation

The Zantac litigation began in 2021. There are many Zantac lawyers currently involved in the litigation. The attorneys at Shouse Law are also representing the Zantac litigation. Many attorneys are involved in medical malpractice claims. Medical malpractice claims often arise in automobile accidents where there are obvious signs that medical treatment was substandard or in cases of mistaken or harmful medication administration, but they could potentially apply to users of dangerous or harmful drugs because these people have a lot of medical bills and pain and suffering attributed to their injuries from using the medication.

Class action lawsuit

Zantac attorneys focus on pursuing this class action lawsuit because they feel that the medication in question were meant to treat conditions and ailments associated with a heartburn. The heartburn medication contain ranitidine, contaminated with NDMA, a probable human carcinogen, which is linked to cancer.

Shouse Law Group

The firm has offices in cities of California, San Francisco, San Diego, and many more. The firm is willing to do the work on a contingency basis, so lawyers do not get up-front fees unless they win the case. Some of the work at this Shouse Law firm is performed by contract attorneys. These contract attorneys assist in building the case while taking care of all the details outside of the courtroom. In some class action cases, the trial lawyers association of the area handles the settlement negotiations, but in most cases, the work is handled by the contract attorney.

Generic Ritalin

You may recall the old Generic Ritalin lawsuit – the medication not manufactured in the United States. The company that makes the generic drug did not have a prior warning about the potential side effects related to the drug. The plaintiffs were seeking compensation for injuries that were likely caused by these actions. Shouse Law Group represents a broad array of clients, including consumers of dangerous or harmful products and medical devices. This group negotiates settlements in mass tort law cases and other mass torts on behalf of injured people. You can contact the firm to learn more.