Inflation continues to weigh on the portfolio of French households. According to the latest figures from INSEE, it exceeded the 6% threshold in July, unheard of since 1958. At the supermarket, at the gas station or even at home… All prices seem to be soaring.

In the columns of franceinfo, economist at the OFCE and specialist in purchasing power issues Mathieu Plane explains: “The prices of all goods and services do not evolve in the same way. In fact, each household has its own inflation, depending on its consumption structure”.

“It is above all households with several children who are affected by the weight of food expenses”, advances Pascale Hébel, member of the marketing consulting firm C-Ways.

Harder inflation, more severe and more difficult for the most precarious people, therefore. In the same way, we note that small towns, medium-sized towns and rural areas are more severely affected by price increases than the Paris metropolitan area and other large towns.

If energy, housing, food and fuel are the sectors most violently affected by inflation, non-food products are not left out. According to data from the UFC-Que Choisir Consumer Observatory, relayed by Le Parisien, the majority of electronic devices and household appliances are also seeing a price increase… What are they? Check it out in our slideshow below.