For years is the construction of a reserve power plant in the industrial Park Griesheim. The big project has now taken an important hurdle. The Darmstadt regional Council has launched the Immission control approval procedure.

Thorsten Winter

business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Accordingly, the company PQ Energy plant at the former Hoechst site in a power plant with a Maximum heat capacity of 928 megawatts. The electric power amounts to 335 megawatts. The plant will eventually serve to stabilize the power grid when other power continue to weaken, source. Operated be it with natural gas or fuel oil.

documents in the Frankfurt view

The government Bureau will carry out the environmental impact assessment. The planning documents from the 14. From January to 13. February in the RP-Department of labour protection and the environment in Frankfurt designed. Objections may 13, therefore, up to the. March will be delivered. Discussed they should be according to the authority, then at the 5. April.

“the plant is a power plant that is only used when, due to the surprising failure of other power plant capacities, the stability of the power supply in the transmission network is at risk or already a power failure has occurred,” emphasizes the RP. The power plant of the serving, then either the stabilization of the networks, or the so-called black start; in such a case, a power plant, driving without a power supply. To this end, the diesel units provided.

For the industrial Park Griesheim resettlement would be a great success. The site has put in a considerable vein. 2700 Employees working in 1990 on the former Hoechst site, there are now less than 350. The largest operation is a plant of the chemical company Weylchem making there precursors for plant protection agents.