The blonde woman is on the back, arms crossed behind the head. On her right ear, a pearl shines. She opened her bodice so that her Breasts and the ausrasierten armpits, and looks directly into the camera. From left to light through a three-part window over her body and the crumpled blue summer dress next to her, and upon closer Inspection, one realizes that she is lying on a bed, but on a newspaper-covered hardwood floor. The scene is carefully arranged, and yet she seems at first glance, spontaneously, and in this tension between intimacy and the artificiality of their secret and their strength.

Andreas Kilb

feuilleton correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

The image was created in 1951 in the New York apartment of Saul Leiter, and it is anything other than an ordinary Nude photo. Nonetheless, it depends together with two hundred other deductions, of the 2013 deaths of photographers, in an exhibition at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, the head shots, together with Nudes by David Lynch and most well-known works of the founder, presented. This would appear to be legitimate, as the English term “Nudes”, the title of the exhibition used, can be any number of things between high art photography and platter pornography, but it is also something the Owner has profound, because it head to Work in a context, not indented they belong to.