Omer Yurtseven, a rookie Miami Heat center, went from collecting double-doubles and racking up DNP CDs. This is life as a Heat deep roster player. Yurtseven, who had been a great fill-in starter for Bam Adebayo’s right thumb surgery, has been dropped from the Heat’s roster. Yurtseven did not play in Friday’s win against the Los Angeles Clippers. Yurtseven spoke to the Miami Herald about Saturday’s matchup with the Toronto Raptors at FTX Arena. “But I trust the coaches and the Heat culture. I believe that if they need me in that game, they will want me.”

Adebayo was re-inducted into the starting lineup after his return, while Dewayne Dedmon, a veteran center, has remained in his backup position off the bench. Yurtseven, who has only played nine minutes in six of the Heat’s first six games following Adebayo’s recovery, has also recorded three DNP-CDs.

It’s not surprising considering Adebayo is an All Star caliber center and Dedmon is one of the best reserve centers in the NBA. Dedmon’s presence on the court has resulted in a Heat average of 2.5 points per 100 possessions this season, compared to his absence. The decision to keep Yurtseven (23 years old) out of the rotation wasn’t as easy as it appears because of his impressive production while Adebayo went on the court. In the 10 games that preceded Adebayo’s return on Jan. 17, Yurtseven had an average of 13.6 points, 13.9 rebound and 2.9 assists. The Heat outscored their opponents by an impressive 11.3 point per 100 possessions when Yurtseven was there. Yurtseven said that he believed it was opportunity meeting preparation. Yurtseven spent the first month out of the rotation and was then pushed into a larger role due to Adebayo’s thumb injury. I was not expecting it. It happened so quickly that I had to switch my focus to understanding every opponent, every possession and every coverage. It’s priceless. It’s priceless. It’s priceless. This streak is the longest ever by a rookie Heat player and ranks second in team history, behind Hassan Whiteside’s 19-game streak in 2017. Yurtseven also grabbed at minimum 12 rebounds in 11 consecutive games, while Adebayo was away. This is the longest such streak ever in Heat history. Blake Griffin, a rookie from the 2010-11 season, was the last to achieve this feat in more than 11 consecutive games.

He said, “You never know.” Yurtseven spoke of the advice received by Heat captain Udonis Hadlem. Both guys [Adebayo & Dedmon] could be fouled and there might be an opportunity. If there are three fouls or more before the half, then I might need to enter the game and provide a five-minute boost. Yurtseven works to be ready for the next opportunity by participating in two-on-two games on the practice court with his teammates. He then heads to the weight room for a lift session, which is followed by cardio on the air bike or curve treadmill. Yurtseven said that it’s about being ready and keeping fit, as well as pushing myself to do the workouts and lifts. His $1.8 million salary is not guaranteed with the Heat for next year. “Just channel all my energy and continue to do all my workouts. This fire fuels my workouts. “I don’t want my heart to stop beating when I watch men play. That’s what I think and do. I try to be the best in all that I do. “The court workouts are fast and I don’t lose a single beat.” That’s what it means to be part of such an elite team. Yurtseven chose to embrace his situation rather than complaining.

Haslem stated that Haslem understood the situation. He just needs to follow the same path as everyone else. It’s a system, and you can see how the other guys work. Gabe [Vincent], Max (Strus), all these guys are affected by it. Guys get to play when they come out. Their minutes can change a bit when guys come in. “I think that the thing that we have been able to accomplish is make sure those guys understand their role as equally important as anyone else.” ‘HE CAN TAAKE HIS TIME’ Heat guard Kyle Lowry will be absent Saturday against the Raptors for undisclosed personal reasons. Jimmy Butler, Lowry’s close friend and Heat star, said that basketball was second, third, or even around that level of importance after Friday’s win. You have to ensure your family is happy and that you are doing the same for yourself. It’s good to know we have men who can do the same for Kyle. We all miss him. We wish him and his family well.” Lowry is not expected to return in a set time frame and the Heat have not provided any updates on his condition. Lowry was not able to make it to six of the Heat’s first six games, which saw a Heat record of 5-1.

Adebayo stated that it makes Kyle’s life easier knowing that we are winning. He can also focus on his personal problems and reasonings. “He can take it all in his stride.” The Heat will be without Markieff Morris, KZ Okpala (right wrist injury recovery), Victor Oladipo and Chris Silva on Saturday. Butler is still active, despite left big toe irritation. Right knee pain has made Raptors guard Fred VanVleet questionable for Saturday’s match.