As of the 4. January – at least other Parts of the Public – is known, the hundreds of politicians and other Public people are highly been private data breaches and published on the Internet come from breaks of hustle and bustle. The question is: to Whom, when, noticed what? How could this happen? Who is to blame? The question which should be of interest for those Affected the most, almost: How are we supposed to move the crap again?

A former Hacker from South Africa, the once self-made with IT vulnerabilities of the shops and under the Pseudonym of “The Grugq” on Twitter regularly to Cyber-crime is expressed, writes on the afternoon of the 4. January: “This data leak has put as much data aside, in order to prevent a deletion (that is,Take Down’). It must have required hours of the upload. 70 mirror server with the Download Links, 40 d/l links, each with (again) three to five mirror servers, 161 mirror server with the files, plus the Tweets, blog posts, mirror server, mirror server Links.“ It had been used “too much work” to ensure, “that it is very hard to delete the data”.

Marco Preuss, head of European analysis team of the Russian anti virus software company Kaspersky, explained on request: “the fact That they cannot be exterminated, the data again from the network, is unlikely.” The have two reasons: on the one Hand, some of the Original Links still available. On the other hand, was unclear on how many computers the data is already stored. A high number of “Hoster”, i.e., those that provide storage space and services in different countries make it difficult to “Take down”.