The Iranian Central Bank wants to emphasize in the fight against the high Inflation in the country is four zeros from the currency Rial. “We have submitted to the government in this regard, a draft, and we hope that this important step is already implemented soon,” said Central Bank chief Abdolnaser Hemmati on Sunday. The measure is for the implementation of the banking reforms in Iran is necessary, he explained, according to the Isna news Agency in Tehran.

Iran is due to the of America imposed sanctions in an acute currency crisis. The Rial has lost 60 percent of its value, the inflation rate has increased dramatically. According to the assessment of observers could be particularly aggravate the crisis in the coming months, if sanctions should hit the Oil, the main source of income of the country. The deletion of four zeros from the Rial amounts could at least have a psychological effect. Many Iranians have to pay for a simple supermarket shopping is currently more than one Million Rial.

in December 2017, the Central Bank wanted to remove at least a Zero. Thus, the Toman should replace the Rial. He was known until 1925 as the national currency of the country, before it was replaced by the Rial. The Persians even use for decades, only the term Toman, because the conversion was always very easy -1 Toman equals 10 Rial.