The fateful hour has come for high school students. Since Monday March 20, the first baccalaureate exams have started for potential future graduates. Thus, some 536,081 candidates presented themselves for their examination.

On Tuesday, March 21, many candidates took the mathematics test on the second day of the exam. The subject of the second day consisted of four exercises, each marked out of 5.

The first exercise takes the form of a multiple-choice quiz on the subject of probabilities. Check out the statement below:

A video game has a large community of online gamers. Before starting a game, the player must choose between two “worlds”: either world A or world B.

A random individual is chosen from the community of players.

When he plays a game, it is assumed that:

We consider the following events:

From the 3rd question, it is necessary to consider that “In the rest of the exercise, a player performs 10 successive games. This situation is likened to a random drawing with replacement. We recall that the probability of winning a game is 12/25.

Discover the multiple-choice questions followed by the corresponding answers in our slideshow.