Soaring prices at the pump weigh heavily on household budgets. And the situation is not about to improve.

While the liter of gasoline now far exceeds 2 euros, some French people are worried about their holidays. Because this year, the journey by car will cost much more.

Over the past year, fuel prices have skyrocketed. TF1 Info has compared what a trip will cost you this summer to what it would have cost you in July 2021.

For example, to go from Lille (Nord) to Capbreton, in the Landes, count this year 148 euros, against 110 last year.

On average, underlines the media, the increase in the “road” budget is around 30%, all journeys combined.

Especially since the price of a barrel of oil is not the only one to undergo an increase. This year, tolls have also raised their prices by 2%, indicates TF1.

Forecasts that do not seem to discourage the French: in 2022, they are 20 million to have planned to crisscross France by car for their summer holidays.

However, if you want to limit your spending on gas and tolls on the holiday route, you can adopt the following practices: