The heightened threat of the United States against the Nord Stream gas pipeline, 2 companies involved in launches in Germany with incomprehension. Neither the Federal government nor industry representatives to officially respond to the letter, the American Ambassador, Richard Grenell recently to Uniper, and BASF has sent and in the of a “significant risk of Sanctions” for “activities in the Russian energy export pipeline sector”. Uniper is like the BASF-subsidiary Wintershall and a financial investor of the Russian state company Gazprom-led project.

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The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, however, of a “rather unusual diplomatic way”. The companies concerned would not have given the correct answer, by responding to the threat. In the Background, takes the approach Grenells otherwise irritated note. Since his arrival in may of 2018, he had fulminated unceasingly against the North Stream 2, with the letter of the armed climb to a new level.

It was once, an Ambassador for German companies put in this Form under pressure, Yes, blatantly threatening, they say. Just imagine time, the German Ambassador in America would such a shooting sharp against Harley Davidson. Such an approach is not contrary to all diplomatic usage, but is also rational hard to explain. As for a long time, both politically and legally, do not insist to stop the project, since Gazprom has made it clear that in the case of a withdrawal of investors, Nord Stream 2, if necessary, alone.

America wants to liquefied natural gas

Actually is laid out with 400 kilometers, a third of the two tubes, the existing Pipeline and getting closer to the end of 2019 target completion of sale. The tubes are supplied according to the construction company completely, the concrete coating is largely completed. On German territory, where the Baltic sea Pipeline is docked at Greifswald to the German gas network, the installation is already finished.

The vessels are at work; in what Form will America Work in the short term could prevent, is unclear. In industry circles it is said that the owner had not been put under pressure. Although political resistance was in Denmark, but you found an alternative route around the island of Bornholm.