Inflation obliges, the French and the French are worried about their wallet. What the government knows only too well: already before the holding of the presidential election, the executive multiplied the measures of purchasing power. Jean Castex, then Prime Minister, had decided to set up a tariff shield to smooth the impact of the rise in electricity and gas prices before announcing a rebate of 15 euro cents on fuel prices, among other boosts.

A presidential election later, with the legislative elections approaching, the strategy seems to have hardly changed: the government, this time led by Elisabeth Borne, continues to propose ambitious adjustments in favor of all or part of the taxpayers. Not without rejecting others… Among these, informs L’Express, there are also many devices already known but recycled or extended.

Inflation compensation, fuel discount… Several of the government’s commitments are very similar to what the president’s previous right-hand man could have done. These are indeed simple extensions or repetitions, essentially conditioned on the victory of the presidential party in the legislative elections.

Moreover, several other promises differ from what the previous government was able to do. Summary.

Emmanuel Macron is also committed to helping all or some of the most vulnerable French women and men. This is why he promised to upgrade several social benefits, without giving too many details about the upgraded amounts. Several devices, again informs L’Express will be concerned, including:

The executive did not specify a date for the revaluation, but a first increase of 1.8% was recorded in April 2022.

Moreover, the Head of State has also undertaken to increase retirement pensions by 4% in July, for a payment in August. According to the weekly, such a measure could only concern modest pensioners, whose pension is less than 2,000 euros per month.

Among the promises put on the carpet by the Head of State is in particular the food check. This is primarily aimed at the most modest tax households… and was initially to be the subject of entry into force instead of the new inflation allowance that the government now provides.

Finally, informs La Dépêche, Elisabeth Borne has planned to postpone the application of this measure initially proposed by the citizens’ convention on the climate. In question ? Targeting beneficiaries and especially products. “Giving public money to pay for food products that have been manufactured outside France, that does not interest me too much. Today, we have not solved the problem”, thus indicated the Minister of l Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

The acceptability of such a boost also poses a problem, insofar as it mechanically restricts the choice of products, underlines the general inspection of finances.