The image is an eye-catcher: a carrot with three roots, an Apple that looks as if two Apples were grown together, a potato with small lumps in the way of a head. “The Other calls” the chain of purchase of land, the Trio, and starts this week, the sale of such products with flaws. The quality is the same, is the message: “a stone in the box at the bottom ensures that a carrot takes on a different Form than the ordinary.”

Susanne Preuß

business correspondent in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Because many of the consumers decide according to visual criteria, often ends up just the same-shaped product in the super markets. Hence fruit and vegetables with flaws get a Chance with the customers, sold the country of purchase any such products loose, so that everyone can choose what he personally likes.

price to use as bait

the price is Also used as a lure. For 77 cents per Kilo of carrots, potatoes and Apples to be sold, it says so on the handouts that will be distributed this Thursday. Comparable Apples cost almost three-fold, similar to carrots and potatoes are almost Double.

Whether the offer remains on constantly, the customers decide in 240 stores in southern Germany due to their demand. If the heel is high enough, there will be in all 660 Kaufland stores in Germany, fruits and vegetables with quirks, depending on the Season, other regional fruit and vegetables. According to estimates from the country of purchase approximately 5 percent of the crop is not typically in the trade, because the cucumbers are crooked, the small onions, the Apples especially pale.