Garden: what to do in June?


Spring is slowly fading away in favor of summer. The days are getting longer, the heat is gradually setting in, no doubt it is indeed the month of June! Although it announces the summer period, the time is not yet at rest especially for gardening enthusiasts.

If your plantations will grow at high speed thanks to a weather favorable to their development, so will the weeds. You will therefore have to multiply your efforts in June.

Here are the three activities that you will repeat many times in the coming weeks:

In addition to these various almost daily tasks, discover in the slideshow what you will have to do in your garden in June.

This year, the month of May was particularly hot. What if it was just a taste of what the weather in the coming weeks has in store for us? Faced with a very high risk of drought in France, it is therefore necessary to take the right steps to water your garden as efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips :

By following these recommendations, there is no reason for your vegetable garden not to survive the summer heat!