Russian authorities have a baby with three legs, two penises and no anal will be saved. Thanks to a number of unique operations, they were able to the-year-old boy, his extra limbs to cure. “We are committed to the belief that the boy is now a normal life can be lead,” said the department of Health of Moscow at the Komsomolskaya Russian federation.

The x-ray image of the Photo: the Department of health in Moscow

The doctors noted during the routine inspections, the mother noticed something was wrong during the pregnancy. At first, they were convinced that they are a pair of twins was expected, but along the way, it turned out that one of them is not fully in line with the development was made. Quite to the contrary. One of the legs and the penis is the twin brother grew up on the other one.

But his mom wanted no abortion, know this. She persuaded the doctors to take the baby boy into the world. In July of 2018 and she gave birth in a natural way, the child is in the third leg and a further two behind and, ultimately, not to the anus was identified.

the Myriad of operations

Immediately after the birth and had the baby several surgeries to undergo in order to make sure that they are in the faeces to lose me. A month later, the doctors at the Pc. As the children’s Hospital in Moscow, and the middle leg in the way, under the guidance of the renowned professor Yury Sokolov, doctor Evgenia Kartseva. In February of this year, urologists will also be the second member and the bladder removed. Aesthetic surgery eventually, his anus is in the right place.


in the Meantime, the boy is a year and two months old. The doctors and the soviet health and human services department, but also with the rags to riches story. “He does, and you can also walk. He is different of a normal child. It is a curious little boy, and he’s very happy,” concludes the press office of the ministry of health in Moscow, russia.

The little boy after all of his surgeries. Photo: the Department of health in Moscow