The Irish writer John Banville (73), was last week the victim of a cruel practical joke. A short time before, the two winners of the Nobel peace prize might be made, he would get a phone call, supposedly from the Mats Malm, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy.

Malm said that Banville for the prize, and to prepare for the new. He slammed into it. It is not surprising that the winners will soon be contacted in order to prepare them for the news.

Banville lived to be forty minutes long, and is under the delusion that he is going to win, and all of his family and friends will be informed. “The prices of speaking of the eternal child in all of us… If you want to have a prize like the Booker or the Nobel, it’s the most left-wing speelgoedbrandweerauto in the world,” said the writer to The Irish Times.

The disappointment was so great. The caller left a message on the Banvilles voice. He said that, in the extreme, contention it was created, and that Banville out of the boat and fell. “He was a good actor.”

Banville the suspicion that the caller had been hoping that he and stennis would be the stairs in the Academy and in the media. The writer spoke of Malms tune in to the press conference with the man on his answering machine, and came to the conclusion that these were different. However, when he saved the caller’s number turned up, he ended up in the Swedish Academy. Malm is investigating the case.