The Ministry of Ecological Transition published a few days ago a map of France showing the areas with a risk of drought for the summer of 2023. This shows us the departments which are highly exposed to the risk of heat waves, with different levels alert: yellow, orange, and red. The areas designated in red by the ministry are at a “very probable” risk of lack of water during the looming summer period. This is the case for 28 French departments. But, what are they? Find the list in our slideshow below.

This mapping was published “to anticipate the summer situation”. It represents “a projection by the end of the summer of territories with risk of drought”, as explained to us on the twitter platform Christophe béchu, the Minister of Ecological Transition. The latter will also add that he and his ministry anticipate the risks to come.

The year 2022 broke all records by becoming the hottest year ever recorded in France since 1900. However, the summer of 2023 could now surpass it. So, how to survive the hot weather that is expected on French territory? Here are some daily gestures, indicated by the official site of the firefighters of France, to better withstand the temperatures of this summer:

Go to our slides to find out if your department is one of the 28 affected by the risk of drought.