Summer is here, flies too. As every year, these insects are more and more numerous with the approach of the beautiful days. They can be particularly invasive, especially when they settle in our home.

Having a whole colony of flies at home is never pleasant. Especially since they can cause a number of problems. Indeed, they carry a lot of bacteria with them and like to come and rest on food.

This raises serious questions of hygiene and can inspire disgust because flies have a tendency to land anywhere. They can even sometimes spoil your evenings.

Fortunately, there are several tricks to get rid of flies effectively. But the best thing is to make sure that they do not enter your home.

Some plants have the superpower to repel flies. Among them, we find in particular mint, basil, eucalyptus or geranium, reports Midi Libre.

Get one or more of these plants and place them in strategic places in your home. The best is to put them at the access points of your home, so close to the windows, on your balcony or next to your doors.

This will tend to repel flies. However, to avoid seeing flies at home, it is best not to make these 7 mistakes that attract them.