Fortunately, there is no midweekmatchen, because the grass in the Lottopark can see now, though, due to the heavy rains and is muddy and bumpy. Later in the winter, and the drainage system, and the veldverwarming have not been updated. That is, it is not for the benefit of all the light-hearted, young players.

“We’re going to that is not to be used as an excuse to use,” said Frank Vercauteren. “There is a bit more difficult, and vermoeiender, but we need to be able to adjust to the frozen fields, and fields with water.”

As Anderlecht, is now on the move, to play, and then interlandbreak the turf in two weeks time to recover.

the Injury Dewaele’s a lot of fun

the Anderlecht recupereerde yesterday, Nacer Chadli – he was able to brief raids on the island, but it is understood Sieben Dewaele failure to discover the city. It is the play of the new, tenth-injured?

It looked to be a serious matter, after its collision with the Modern, but the damage will be too bad. Dewaele took a hard kick to his shin, but there seems to be nothing broken or cracked. It is, perhaps, only to this event, so Friday he could play in the Countryside.

Or Vincent Kompany can take office, is open to question. It is possible that he should be spared until after the interlandbreak.

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