The Federal criminal police office (BKA) has indicated that only in the night of the Friday of the release of a large amount of personal data of politicians and Celebrities on the Internet. This, the authority informed all members of Parliament in a Letter, which is present the German press Agency in Berlin.

in Contrast, the massive data theft to the Federal office for information security (BSI) was already since weeks. BSI-President Arne Schönbohm said on Friday the TV station Phoenix: “We have already spoken very early in December with the help of individual members who were affected, accordingly.”

The BSI unit because of his approach has come under increasing criticism. The FDP-to-digital politician Manuel Höferlin said the dpa, you have to wonder about the information policy of the authority. “The Federal Agency must explain its approach to and critical review.” Also, Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch has not responded indignantly: “Given the Dimension of the data Klaus is information of party Chairman by the authorities is totally unacceptable. There is something to hide?“