Books, jewelry, crockery, postcards… Flea markets are gold mines for lovers of rare objects. Antoine has always been a collector. “I started with numismatics, essentially, then I became interested in old shares. I created the Info Collection site 17 or 18 years ago to help other enthusiasts who wish to find out about the value of their objects. and their collections”, he tells us. For Planet, he shares some of his tips for antiquing with peace of mind.

First, note that not everyone has an interest in going to the flea market to find the rare pearl. “If you are looking for a rare object, and you are ready to pay the price, then you have to go to professional flea markets. On the other hand, if you are looking for objects that have little value, and which are common, like doors -keys for example, it is better to go to a garage sale”, explains the collector. Other pitfalls must be avoided if you want to find the right object in the right place. Discover 5 mistakes to avoid in flea markets in our slideshow below.

On his site, Antoine offers some tips for negotiating the price of an object at the flea market: