Comment on the Lauberhorn-armed – Urs Lehmann is the winner according to the points of Swiss-Ski, the President went to the Poker to the Lauberhorn race as a Whole. It has paid off for him.Opinion Marco Oppliger0 comment Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann (back) and OK boss, Urs Näpflin happy to the PK of Thursday.Photo: Keystone

A week ago, it is now that the dispute over the Lauberhorn race escalated. Because Swiss-Ski at the world Federation requested the deletion of the event from the provisional calendar 2021/2022. It was the toxic reaction of the Association, to the judgment in the proceedings before the International court of arbitration for sport, CAS, in which the Wengener organizers of a Million Swiss francs per year in additional money from rights-holders for Swiss-Ski challenge.

While the days of the Federation President Urs Lehmann and Urs Näpflin, OK-President of the Lauberhorn race delivered, then a dispute in the Public. And so unsuspected, it is surreal, as the two announced yesterday unanimously the end of their confrontation.

this is Possible, Federal councillor Viola Amherd had been made by the convening of a round table, in which, besides Lehmann and Näpflin, the Bernese cantonal government President Christoph Ammann and Fospo Director Matthias Remund took part.

“By Lehmann ventured to the maximum provocation, he made sure that the policy turned on.”

for Details on the debate, respectively, to the new agreement were not mentioned. But the main points are known: The organizers withdraw its appeal before the CAS, and the Canton of Bern is supporting the event financially stronger.

The Lauberhorn races are “too big to fail”. The fact that a councillor stepped in to bring the brawlers under control only shows already. Of course, Lehmann and Näpflin know the radiance of this event. But the Former went “all in”. He dared the maximum provocation, and this national Shrine is seriously questioned, he made sure that the policy turned on.

Swiss-Ski now has all the

Lehmann was expecting a commitment from the public sector, contrary to the he has now received. Above all, he is going on the action before the CAS. Therefore, the Aargauer emerged as the winner of this Rencontre, but only as a winner on points. Because the property is not to pull your suit just like that, especially since their chances of success were extremely favorable. Swiss-Ski is not only need to come to you, but all of the Swiss organizers to the contrary.

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