At the european CHAMPIONSHIP in track cycling in the Netherlands, Apeldoorn, the Belgian team in the team pursuit is Wednesday night in spite of a small Belgian record will not be able to post in the battle for bronze.

Like the Dom, Shari Bossuyt, belgian champion Jolien D’hoore and Lotte Kopecky had to be the fifth time that the qualifications are achieved with a 4:25.730) and were, therefore, no chance for gold or silver. Before that, they had to be in the top-four finish. In a match for the bronze medal in this olympic-sized issue was, however, yet, on the condition that they were in the first round, one of the two fastest times among the non-finalists are posted. But that didn’t make it.

In the first round of winners of the Belgians, is easily their match against the Netherlands with a time of 4:21.933, to which for more than a second under the previous Belgian record for dove (4:23.181). But the new record wasn’t enough to advance to the battle for the bronze. This will be a battle between France and Italy.

The final will be on Thursday between Germany and the united Kingdom.

Belgium got in Apeldoorn, the netherlands, as the fifth, or the top eight as well as for the related puntenoogst, it is important in the context of the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

Mannenkwartet not medaillestrijd

as for the women, Belgian men would not be able to post before the game to get a bronze medal in the team pursuit. Kenny De Ketele, He War, A Herregodts, and Sasha Weemaes had to be after the eighth-fastest of the qualifiers in the first round of the bowl against Switzerland as well. The Belgian quartet is placed to the sixteen rounds (4,000 meters) in 3:57.985 a second in the top of the national record for an October 2018 (3:57.037). Thus, were De Ketele and co. in the first round, only Poland (with a 4:01.376) behind it.

in order To advance to the match for the bronze were the Belgians, with the fastest two finalists will be. The place to be in the top eight, and in particular, the puntenoogst to which it is connected, it is, however, important in the context of the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo, japan.

in The final, a match between Denmark and Italy. Switzerland and the united Kingdom bikkelen to the birds.

Gilke Croket is the sixteenth in the scratch race

Gilke Croket is sixteen, ended up in the scratch. In the Uk, Emily Nelson as he sprinted after four laps (10 miles) to the gold, Irish river Shannon McCurley. The Portuguese Maria Martins completed the podium.

The Dutch titelverdedigster Kirsten Wild had to be for the people to be satisfied with a seventh place finish in the non-olympic disciplines.

the Jules Hesters is it in the afvalling

In the individual afvalling to the men, nor were the olympic, had the game of His Hesters on it. The European champion, in the promises, but fell off after the first sprint and is the first of the age of the riders off. The victory went to the Italian rider Elia Viviani. The spurtbom of Deceuninck’s Quick.Scooter took it out for the Frenchman, Bryan Coquard, and in the Pool, He Prokopyszyn.