the Pull-down Segafredo has the new jerseys for the upcoming season is introduced. The crew of the Edward Theuns and Jasper Stuyven remains faithful to the combination that it has in the past, the Tour de France in action. He previously rode for the team to be around, mostly red-shirts from the Tour, it was predominantly white. The line of pull of the world tour the team is now on to the next season.

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More about the push and Pull Segafredo Bauke Mollema continues on his way, and triumph now in the Japan Cup, brand new world champion Mads Pedersen: “My life has changed. But I want it to stay the same” soul mate Jasper Stuyven about the new world champion Mads Pedersen: “In the rain, he can always be a little more” Juniorenwereldkampioen Simmons makes a Remcootje and save beloftencategorie on