As the crime series “Friesland” with “Murderous tide” in 2014, debuted a brand’s DNA undertaker with a cannabis plantation in the basement, two police officers with basic conflicting professional opinion, its always just before the stroke the boss and a naive pharmacist with a penchant for a body part to the center, hoping to get on black humorous entertainment. The authors were Arne Nolting and Jan Martin Scharf, in the meantime, due to original screenplays awards, the staging was by Dominic Müller. The funeral entrepreneur Wolfgang thanks, releasing his coffins with the content because of badly needed aid to the killer hunting once already on the way, Matthias Matschke (“Professor T played”). Policeman Henk Cassens, with colleague Süher Özlügül (Sophie Dal) in the last ckdialog, was portrayed by Florian Lukas (“The king of Berlin”). Then, the authors have increased also, such as Matschke, and Luke.

from Now on, the script changed writers and Directors again and again, as the undertaker, Holger Stockhaus, the “police” role went to Maxim Mehmet took over. From quirky characters with some, albeit limited potential for development – a certain project thus became the of the Whole not was overlooked from the beginning, there were static roles from the coastal purr theatre. From sympathetic silliness annoying mannerisms and an urge to Running Gags, the tedious return of the Same in a minimum amount of subject variance.

With women has Brock Horst his love Not

Now Friesland is “” for a number of follow a wooden matter. Exposure to a moderately bizarre murder in anrüchigem business area, whose grotesque plays humor potential but never out (last one got it in “Dirty Deals” with cross-border sewage trade to do, this Time it is in “ashes to ashes” cross-border cheap-cremations). This grimas Maxim Mehmet magnetized as Henk and this Time also plenty of opportunity while he’s driving the coffin of his deceased aunt Teda prohibited in the station wagon around and flirt-happy cemetery guard (Franziska Wulf) will be followed. Accustomed to the Investigation in the death keeps unmoved while his colleague Özlügül staircase fall case, the Discount-undertaker, Cornelia poppy on the Run. As a competitor, poppy, the owner of a reverence for the device have thanks to (Holger Stockhaus) in suspicion. The daughter of the deceased, Marion Mohn (Julia-Maria Köhler), is now being blackmailed by a customer, Edgar Raabe (Patrick quickly, I), and of watt wall leader Patrick Diekmann (Nicholas Reinke), for whatever reason, actively protecting.