ESP Sailing Team, new image of the Olympic Team Spanish


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The Royal Spanish Sailing Federation has unveiled the new graphic image that will accompany and identify the sailors, olympic spaniards in their race towards Tokyo 2020.

The new logo, which will be present in the sails of the olympic teams all over the world, as signs of identity, the blue color of the sea, and the ESP that –meaning Spain in the sail numbers of all our equipment – represents the brand in Spain and in the national colours, embodied within the image of a gennaker –sailing used in directions open-.

Julia Casanueva, President of the RFEV, it is shown excited with this campaign: “This project is already months underway and it is a response to a renewal. I think I had to create a handle the most dynamic, the one we had was very settled and this gives a fresh air” .

“it is Mostly a image to the outside world, at the international level, with which our athletes are identified and the Spain brand is very present. The logo of the RFEV represents us all who love the sport of sailing globally and introduce is the “brand” of our olympic team will go to Tokyo 2020. Is identity team, olympic team, a team that surely is going to give us many more joys”