If since the end of September, the fuel crisis has been at the heart of the concerns of the French, it is all energies that are under tension.

Whether in terms of electricity or gas, stocks have reached a worrying level and they could well be limited, as the winter season is fast approaching. The possibility of having to carry out localized and temporary power cuts has even been mentioned on several occasions by the government or the authorities concerned.

These cuts were still hypothetical and considered as emergency solutions to “get through the winter”. However, during the EDF Social and Economic Council, which was held on Thursday October 13, Philippe Page le Mérour, secretary of the committee, declared that he did not see how the French could be supplied throughout the winter, and that the cuts were thus “inevitable” in his eyes, reports Midi Libre.

“If we have a normally cold winter, or a very cold one, we won’t be able to do without load shedding,” he said. So far, the efforts of the French, such as adjusting its heating to a maximum of 19°C, should have been enough to avoid cuts. Today, nothing is less certain if we are to believe this EDF executive.

In France, there are certain departments which have a particularly high electricity consumption. But if in others, it remains lower, it is still higher than 2.5 MWh per inhabitant and per year, as shown by a study by UpEnergie. These territories will not be a priority in the event of cuts, but they are not guaranteed to escape it. Discover them in our slideshow.