Electronic toll badge: fees for motorists who do not use it often enough


The electronic toll, a practical badge… Which can cost more than expected. Indeed, this small object can save a lot of time because it allows you not to stop at the tolls and to go directly through the barrier.

This function is particularly practical on journeys that involve many traffic jams. It is thus an object that it can be useful to plan before going on vacation this summer or even for the weekend of Pentecost.

Vinci Autoroutes offers the “Ulys Classic” electronic toll badge with an advantageous subscription. It amounts to two euros per month used, reminder Capital. This means that the company only bills you for the months the badge was used. So if you don’t take the highway for several months, you shouldn’t be charged.

Only, there are actually other fees that many subscribers are unaware of. Indeed, Vinci Autoroutes charges a fee of ten euros when the badge has not been used for fourteen months.

60 million consumers denounce “hidden costs”. Indeed, on the subscription home page, one can read: “0€ when I am not driving. Then 2€ /month when I am driving”.

You have to go to the very bottom of the page and read the fine print to realize this. “In the event of non-use of the badge for each period of 14 consecutive months, a non-use fee of €10 including tax will be invoiced for the 15th month.”, can we read.

For the magazine, it would have to be written black on white at the top of the page. He thus denounces “hidden costs at the time of subscription”.