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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso , has met today at Real Casa de Correos with representatives of the sector taurine, to whom he has transferred the full support of its Executive in these times of uncertainty, of the Party due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 and has studied with them m measures of tax relief. “Is a very important sector for the Spanish culture, the more benefits it brings and many times it is so unfairly treated from the point of financial and social recognition”, remarked the president.

So, the Community of Madrid has already asked the Government for a reduction of the tax rate of the VAT del toro de lidia , from 21% to 4%, in order in this way to mitigate the economic losses that are suffering many livestock farms with the suspension or the adjournment of the bullfighting. It is a measure referred to as in the plan prepared by the regional Government to help farmers and ranchers affected by the crisis, according to reports in a statement of Central Issues in the Bullfighting arena of the CAM.

Diaz Ayuso has assured that transfer to the State the claims of these professionals, as they are the breeders of the fighting bull could accede to the aid of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC), under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; or that you enter as soon as possible the p restaciones economic that may correspond to professional bullfighting (matadors de toros, novilleros, banderilleros, biting, servants of swords, and aid servants of the sword) by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

In regard to the powers of the Community of Madrid , the president of madrid has ensured that it will continue working to put in place initiatives that support this activity generates an economic impact of 414 million euros on the region and affects 50,000 jobs.

In the case of Madrid, this pandemic has forced the regional Government to cancel the celebration of the Feria de San Isidro , the event is bullfighting most important thing in the world, and that leaves in the Community of Madrid for 70 million euros, as explained by Diaz Ayuso. In addition, it has also affected calves and other celebrations, and have remained closed in both the Bullfighting Museum as the Tour Sales.

Autumn Fair

By that, if the disease circumstances permit, the intention of the regional Government is able to celebrate the Autumn Fair: as well as a concert or a run that is beneficial to the National Holiday, the 12 Ootubre , with a dual objective: to pay homage to the professionals, both public Health as well as private, and report the benefits to projects aimed at the recovery after the pandemic.

Also, it is contemplated the signing of a protocol with the Madrid city Council for the School of Bullfighting may re-open in Batan starting in September, if the epidemiological situation is favourable. “We’re going to study the promotion of the values of the bullfighting, which goes beyond that of a bullfight, from the care of the animal in the field, your life, up to values which lead to team, effort, courage and sacrifice,” said Diaz Ayuso.

The Executive madrid is aware that the cessation of bullfighting is putting at serious risk the economic sustainability of many farms of fighting bulls, of farmers and families living in this sector not only in our region but in the whole of Spain. That’s why, continue with the aid to the local councils for the celebration of tradition for the promotion, without biting, and practical classes in their respective plazas de toros.

The amount of aid is 206.763 euros per year , being the maximum amount per application of € 18,000. The Community of Madrid is committed to that this year if they are not possible to celebrate it, the subsidies will not be lost and will accrue to the planned for the coming year, especially taking into account, as explained by Diaz Ayuso, she still doesn’t know how they’re going to be able to celebrate the festivities of the municipalities and that most of them will have to do a review of their accounts to cover the costs generated by the COVID-19.

Madrid was the region of Spain that most bullfights held in 2019 with 70 festivities, which represents 20.1% of the total which were held at the national level.

this Is a similar figure to that registered in 2018, when there were 69 bullfighting. In addition, the bulls in our region pose a major tourist attraction worldwide, as evidenced by the more than 100,000 visits in the past year received the tour of The Sales, and the farms of fighting bulls contribute to entrench the people and revitalize the rural municipalities.


the meeting has been attended, besides the president of the Community of Madrid, the counselor of Presidency, Eugenia Carballedo; the director of Finance and the civil service, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty; the managing director of the Center of Affairs in the Bullfighting arena, Miguel Abellán; the right-handed Julián López “El Juli”, Cayetano Rivera Ordonez, Andres Roca Rey, and Cristina Sánchez, and the president of the Foundation fighting Bull, Victorino Martín.

Also, have participated, Antonio Barrera, representing the National Association of Organizers of Bullfighting (Anoet); the entrepreneur of bullfighting in the Monumental de Sales, Rafael García Garrido; and the rancher and president of the Union of Breeders of fighting bulls, Antonio Banuelos.