attention, attention! The duel of Concord this Saturday (18.30 PM) in Bremen is the game for Adi Hütter is an “absolute key. It will show where it goes.“ For the Frankfurt coach, has sharpened on Friday with his statement, once again, the meaning of his players, preferably in tabular form. The beginning of the new year for a stable sporty high weather location on the Main had made his team with 3:1 at home against Freiburg. The result of good performance but, at best, adequate, as of the demanding football coach Hütter described the first delivered duty game-a work sample of the year 2019. “The most Important thing was that we found back after the 0:3 against Bayern Munich right back into the success track,” he said. Nevertheless, his Team had “a lot to miss. We were not as crisp, disciplined and also in the two fights are not as aggressive as usual.“ His lack of understanding culminated in the sentence: “It can’t be that we walked home the Ball.”

No wonder, then, that the Eintracht-professionals in Training, rehearsed diligently, the escape to the front. Intensively worked on “the technical and tactical things, and the ferocity and aggressiveness in the tackle. I hope, in Bremen progress,” said Hütter and elaborated a little later: “I’m sure the team will improve a lot.” The 48-Year-old knows that you have to. As with Dortmund, Leipzig and Mönchengladbach in the list of prominent opponents are long, the wait in the coming weeks on the Hesse. Then, Hütter, will stand firmly, “where we really are”. Not to forget the two encounters in the Europa League against Shakhtar Donetsk.

“A 0:0 would be exceptional,”

the Eintracht-Coach Would have to tap the outcome of the game in Bremen to a goalless draw, he would not put. “A 0:0 would be exceptional,” he said. Florian Kohfeldt, his Bremen colleague, would have nothing against a “7:6” object, for Werder, of course. Two clubs, two identical advantages on the court: Frankfurt (37 goals) and Bremen (29) are, respectively, for their attack momentum is known. Bremen was very variable and have “a good, experienced Offensive players who can make goals,” said Hütter. In Werder’s captain, Max Kruse, he is not alone.

A Solo-Show, the Concord is not, quite the contrary. With Luka Jovic, Sébastien Haller and Ante Rebic, a torreiches Trio on the court. Of the Buffalo herd of the speech, a term that Hütter does not suit, however, is up to you. “I don’t call you Buffalo herd,” he said. “They are all good footballers with very different talents.” For Kohfeldt Jovic (13 Bundesliga matches), Haller (10) and Rebic (6) are the “three Crazy”. Thus, the Werder coach wanted to Express the great respect for the versatility of Frankfurt’s attack machinery. “Luka, Ante and Sébastien, you can take all every week,” said her new teammate Sebastian Rode after the 3:1 against Freiburg. For the first Time this season, all three of attacker had contributed something Tangible in a game. What is the impact force on the front Hütter is now in Bremen, which he left open one day prior to the sporting clash at the Weser. It is also conceivable that he can be a striker out of the gate triumvirate initially on the bench to take a seat. Then Mijat Gacinovic could intervene after the Bayern game, suffering a thigh injury, is active again. “Mijat is restored completely,” said Hütter. “He is a topic for Saturday.”

Hütter will leave nothing to chance

In the case of the worker bee Gelson Fernandes, the winner in the midfield, is excluded due to the fifth Yellow card. Now is the Phase to come into a championship, “in the always one or the other player is locked,” said Hütter and wanted to give the topic any attention. There is “only a Gelson Fernandes, but we have players who can replace him in a different way. Maybe we play with a Six and two Aft, maybe with two sixes.“ One way or the other: As a replacement for the Swiss Fernandes selection of the Dutchman Jonathan de Guzman would be in the Frankfurt world.

Hütter is left, as usual, nothing to chance. On the collected impressions in Training, he put “a lot of value,” he said. “I’m an accurate picture of the players are, how they are, how their training week is expired.” In the case of defense chief Makoto Hasebe Hütter week for a week in his high opinion confirmed. “He is an absolute management and other key players. He is since months in incredibly good shape.“ And at the age of 35. “I am currently in the best shape of my career,” says the Japanese. Except in the storm Hasebe has come in his career, already at all positions, even in goal. In the Eintracht goal, Kevin Trapp completed in Bremen to be 100. Game for the Cup winner.