After criticism of working conditions, Amazon is trying in Germany to have a better Image. The retailer has apparently called on employees to “FC Ambassador” on Twitter with positive comments about their employer to sell. The Accounts participate in discussions on Amazon, praise for work and payment, and dispute the alleged grievances, if the user of the message service rant about the group.

At first glance, the Accounts, such as Social Bots, had the Bavarian radio reported, according to their own research: they had hardly any Followers of your own, followed by number of other Accounts and written contributions. On the Tweet of a user, brings the assets of the Amazon-boss Jeff Bezos in connection with the low wages of employees, responds to an “Ambassador”, which is registered under the name of Anne: “So I can live on that quite well. What many do not know, we also have bonus payments and Christmas bonuses and share packages, in addition to the basic salary.“ Another “Ambassador” describes his Department in his profile: “I’m 5 years in the case of Amazon BER3 in the Department of Ship, where it is family & fun.” FC stands for “Fulfillment Center”, so the logistics center. As the location of the Accounts breeze to enter long there, the Amazon logistics centre.

Several Accounts, including that of Anne, but also with the name Rico and Andreas were in October last year, registered. You respond, especially on topics related to working conditions, salary, and the Image of Amazon as an employer. According to Amazon it is a real account. The users are to be used to dispatch employees from the logistics center, the your posts that you have written yourself, and your main job elsewhere. Would not have paid you for your work on the net. The Account with the name Anne puts it on Twitter: “We are nothing. I give just my impressions and experiences, and I now say more good than bad.“

In August of 2018, it was revealed that Amazon paid for in America employees for positive Tweets. Amazon was to have the camp staff selected “to report to the world, such as the conditions in the centres really are.” Employees were able to apply for the program and switched to the Department, to work only as a “Twitter Ambassador”.