Department of High Safety, in Bruges, it’s going to be close, but what about the most dangerous prisoners?


Bruges (brugge) –

in The section “High Security” in the city jail, where the unruly and dangerous inmates are incarcerated, is going to be closed. One of the states to let them know of the problems.

The department’s High Safety and security was established in 2007, is in the city prison was erected. The wing is for prisoners who have a agressieprobleem, or vluchtgevaarlijk it. They can be isolated, held in captivity. Among others, Salah Abdeslam, the shooter at the Jewish museum of Mehdi Nemmouche, and ontsnappingskoning Ashraf Sekkaki, were sitting here as well.

But the prison went on to afternoon, as well as the trade unions will know that the department is soon to close.

“Unacceptable regime”.

in Response to an incident last summer in which a Chechen kickbokser three captors roughly toetakelde. The wing is then at a minimum a regime where the prisoners were i the High level of Safety with their cell and are not allowed to leave.

As a result, the Central supervisory authority for the Prison system as well as the concerned department, for the first time to inspect it. “A completely unacceptable situation,” concluded with the supervisory board, which is quite open to the question of whether the security department is still out there.

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“We know that the concept, as originally conceived, is becoming more difficult, in line with the developments in the field of gedetineerdenpopulatie and the law”, thus responding to the Prison system.

“This has, ultimately, led to the fact that the effectiveness of the placements within this department is becoming more and more in demand had been made. It is also for our members of staff are becoming less obvious, and valoriserend for such a department to work in. This is one of the key elements to make this division work.”

What is aggressive prisoners?

The trade unions are wondering what will happen in the future with an aggressive inmates. “Inmates with behavioral problems are, of course, is always present in our prisons. Search for the settings , which is the approach of the problems is that they are set to the order of,” says the Summary.

The Prison system wants to be in the High-Security, – evaluate and think about how these prisoners, then it does need to be addressed. “It is intended for any person convicted in a custom mode, custom help, and service needs.”

“We are in support of those prisons, where the inmates dwell, that behavioral questions.”

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