finally, prince, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle are touring for ten days in Africa with the baby, and Archie, on their first overseas trip since he was born. Monday arrived and the royal couple are in South Africa and visited the Nyanga, a town in the mother city. She was a guest on the Justice’s Desk, an NGO that advocates for vulnerable children. Meghan and Harry gave a very moving speech, and set this to dozens of boys and girls in a cheer.

as The duchess of Sussex, and took it in her emotional speech at the South African women on a daily basis, to deal with gender violence. Activists warn of even an “epidemic,” following a spate of rapes and murders of women in the country, which has one of the highest moordcijfers in the world.

Meghan lauwerde in her speech, the non-profit organisations in South Africa, children are ahead of us, “I am here for you and with you. As a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a woman with a darker skin tone and your sister.” Harry assured the crowd that “change is coming”, and praised the resilience of the South African people.

in Addition to the serious work there was also time for some fun. The 23-year-old Lilitha Mazana could Meghan be tempted to dance a jig. “They’re a very good dancer,” said the young woman in the garden. “She is a very kind and friendly and helpful. Even prince Harry couldn’t be with the African rhythm, to resist, and took from it the best of dad dancing”. at the top. Though, it was more the laughter of his wife.

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