the Vlaams belang will need to pass a bill that all those who are to perform military service in a country that is part of the Organisation of Islamic co-operation of his Belgian citizenship to lose it. “Who’s going to fight for a country whose values are at odds with our own, then there is no longer a place”, says chairman and a Member of parliament, he also to the Greeks.

as Of the Greeks, suggests that the recent invasion of Turkey, Syria, international, horror, provokes, and that’s in Belgium, as well as the outrage is high. But, according to the Vlaams belang is not for everyone, and then the party of the Turkish community in the netherlands. Quite a few citizens possess the Belgian nationality, which, according to the parties to the conflict of interest it brings. Vlaams belang is complaining that some people from that group are currently in the Turkish army, and the invasion and therefore are supporting. In this way the media is reporting the Famous rapper BizzyBlaza, who was with the Turkish army to fight in Syria, and thus, also boasts of social media. The Football association has launched an investigation into the jeugdvoetbalploeg the Turkish club FC from Beringen who are in the military greeting. “It is clear that dual nationality leads to a conflict of interest. The time that you will overcome it. Vlaams belang wants to be a part of its cutting edge,” says Kamerfractieleidster Barbara, Only.

the Party Of the Greeks would, in practice, is that there are steps that can be taken against Belgian nationals who go to fight for a foreign power and had a bill for it. “If you want the armed forces of a country are going to fight, whose values are at odds with our own, then he must have citizenship or lose it,” he says. Basically, the party, and that all those who are in support of the armed forces, the Organisation of Islamic co-operation, the Belgian nationality is lost.

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