thousands of “yellow West” went to France again on the road. Protests were held in Paris and other cities in the country, as the news channel France info reported Saturday. The protesters carried French flags and held banners with the inscription “king Macron” in height. How in the weeks before the protests remained largely peaceful. The movement has called for the eleventh Saturday in a row, demonstrations against the reform course Macrons.

In the capital, Paris, hundreds of “yellow West” again in the direction of the Champs-Elysées, where it is on the last Saturdays clashes with the police had given drew. In Toulouse in the southwest of the country, several thousand people demonstrated peacefully against Macron, in Bordeaux, in the West, there were, according to AFP estimates, around 5000. Also in Strasbourg and Marseille, many people demonstrated.

for the First time activists this weekend, have called on the Bastille square, in addition to a “yellow night”. Model of the social movement “Nuit debout”, the reform of the previous socialist government protested in 2016 against the labour law.

The protests since mid-November against the reform policy of the centre government of President Emmanuel Macron. Another issue is the low perceived purchasing power. Some of the “yellow West” call for a resignation of the 41-year-old President.

last Saturday, had participated according to the government, 84,000 of protesters at the rallies. It had come to clashes with security forces.

To de-escalate the conflict had responded to the Macron in December, with billions of social actions. In addition, he called for a “citizens ‘ debate”, at the citizens until the middle of March in their communities proposals. Macron had participated in the past week, even on such a conversation in the South of the country.