A duo of shock heroines. This Friday, September 30, France 2 is broadcasting the third season of its Tropiques Criminels series with Sonia Rolland and Béatrice de La Boulaye. Since its creation in 2019, the two actresses form a tandem of cops which leads the investigation in Martinique, attracting an average of 4 million viewers.

On the one hand, Sonia Rolland in the role of Melissa Sainte-Rose. On the other, Béatrice de La Boulaye who plays Captain Gaëlle Crivelli. So everything opposed them in the first season, the two heroines have woven many points in common. “They have the same flaws, have the same disjointed life. They are women of their time, in the sense that they assume their freedom, without being in conventions”, explained the former Miss France for Télé 7 Jours.

In the city as on the screen, the two actresses have also become friends. For The New Republic, Béatrice de La Boulaye told how she immersed herself in her role with the precious help of her partner. “Thanks to Sonia, I discovered how I could better tame the camera and the importance of light and technique. Acting well is not enough and Sonia was a supercoach in understanding photogenicity”, she said recognized in December 2021.

Before forming an incredible pair with Sonia Rolland, Béatrice de La Boulaye made her debut with young audiences in KD2A from 2004 to 2007. Trained at Cours Florent, she landed several roles on television between TV movies and commercials. Then, she is revealed to the general public with the musical group Airnadette where she lends her features to Scotch Brit since 2008.

With this group of performers as crazy as rock’n’roll, the actress performs in theaters and festivals across France and Europe, as far as America. The secret of his inspiration? The television that rocked his childhood. “I watched TV a lot. I learned things by heart and it totally helped me for the Airnadette”, she laughed with the newspaper Ouest-France. “Everything we do between 12 and 20 years old is useful for the future!”. Behind her laughter and her joie de vivre, the actress has yet gone through a terrible ordeal.

Shooting the second season of Tropiques Criminels was very trying for Béatrice de La Boulaye. While filming in Martinique for four months, the actress learns that she is suffering from breast cancer. “I was lucky that my cancer was detected early. It spared me some very heavy treatments and I only had to undergo one operation”, she declared for Télé-Loisirs and at audience of the Series Mania Festival in Lille in 2021.

Forced to be hospitalized in order to undergo a mastectomy, she was unable to promote the series with her playing partner. “I listened to Sonia on the radio talking about our series when I was on my bed. hospital,” she recalled. His return to the set of season 3 was synonymous with a great revenge for Béatrice de La Boulaye. “With every stunt I did, I was getting revenge for my cancer.”

Faced with the disease, the famous actress was able to count on the support of her friend Sonia Rolland, her work partners on Tropiques Criminels, but also those around her.

Very popular with fans, Béatrice de la Boulaye is active on social networks. The opportunity for her to share a few moments from her filming in Martinique, and also family shots. Discreet about her private life, the actress comments little on her sentimental situation.

Asked by Gala, Béatrice de La Boulaye said she was spending an ideal holiday with “my husband, my daughter, a good book and I can be happy almost anywhere”. From Brittany where she spends her summer to Martinique where she shoots Tropiques Criminels, the actress never separates from her daughter. “I educated my daughter there in the middle section. I was more protected than Sonia, who was far from her family. My daughter loved having the choice between swimming pool or beach when she left school. Martinique , it’s a crazy quality of life”, she confided to Télé-Loisirs.