The lifting of the Lockdown in London – commuters risk their lives in the “rolling sardine cans”millions of Londoners to get back to work, and with the U-Bahn. Their operation is back up, although the Virus is continuing to rage out of grass.Peter Nonnenmacher from London29 Kommentare29Dichtestress despite pandemic: commuters exit the metro Station, West Ham in East London.Photo: Justin setter field ()

These days, and many Londoners are facing a serious decision. They remain in their places of work, though, the government advises you to go back to work? Or you risk, in the gradually back-filling underground shafts of the Thames, the metropolis of plug in but still no car or bike will help you more? For the coming week, it is expected that more people will try in the largest city in Western Europe, back to their farms, come in thousands of offices or on the construction sites on the vast city-terrain. Encouraged they have been by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

How do you come to work, remains up to you. Recommended for you Johnson only, instead of using public transport rather the car or the bike or go on foot. But only few of them have to work so close that you could get there on foot or hinradeln. Many live in the suburbs or completely outside of the city.

And Parking for cars, especially affordable, there are in the center of the Nine-million-metropolis hardly any. In addition, not everyone has a private vehicle. Most of those who work in London, with suburban trains, buses or the Tube called subway to work. Alone in the subway with their wide route network transported before the start of the Lockdown on a typical weekday, four million passengers, a large part of it during the rush hour.

The silence in the maze

With the decline in passenger numbers by 95 per cent since the Lockdown, the forced reduction in the number of trains and the closure of three dozen allegedly the rank and file of U-Bahn stations, it had become in the Labyrinth of the Underground pretty quiet in the last seven weeks. One of the most popular Videos in April, the one carelessly on an empty-swept railway platform around dancing have been mice couple.

On Monday now, but the System should be moved back to at least 70 percent of its capacity is high. And although, so far, on most of the lines are still relatively calm things are already pictures circulating that show densely Packed platforms and fully occupied compartments. In a train on the Victoria Line, in which a passenger lost consciousness, there was a veritable Chaos, because all of the passengers immediately feared that the Virus was the cause.

“Even if all the trains and buses run again, it will not give enough space.”

Grant shapp’s, British Minister of transport,

the help of the highest Wait, Affected can expect in this location. Premier Johnson has advised you to decide on a means of transport and transport routes easy “healthy British sense” to prevail. Among other things, U-Bahn passengers have been recommended by the government, “not to touch anything” and “from each other avert” during the journey.

self-transport must give the Minister Grant shapp’s that London underground could carry to act in strict compliance with the social legislation and social distancing “just ten percent,” the previous number to pass. “Even if all the trains and buses run again, it will not give enough space,” says shapp’s – which is why the Minister of transport establishes his fellow citizens to heart, “to be sensible” and to avoid public transport in London for the foreseeable future.

the Minister would never take the Bus

Him self, confessed shapp’s, it would currently no one in a metro and a Bus. And the Ministerial calculation is likely to be quite realistic. To a maximum of ten percent of previous capacity of a team of researchers that investigated on the example of the U-Bahn-Station Clapham North that there for the morning rush hour, only hundreds instead of thousands of passengers per hour wegkämen the train out of the Station, if the passengers comply with the seat the required distance and during the journey, no one is.

That would be computed by the Team, mean that up waiting at the entrance to the Station is Clapham North, a 1.8 kilometre-long queue of 900 would be able to form, almost to the two stations distant station, Clapham South. A regular traffic across London would not be at all possible – unless you ignored the safety regulations and considerable risks.

Many commuters put at the beginning and end of each day of your life.”

Stefan Stern, transport researchers

Also calls to the Relevant, travel time and route after careful Consideration, to choose not to help further in the opinion of the critics. “Many commuters have no choice, in terms of start time and Route,” says the author Stefan Stern. “So you put at the beginning and end of each day of your life.”

trade Union threatens with a standstill

Especially people with low income who do not own a car or many miles away from you live far from your workplace would be affected and “” adds the star. The many people from the “shadow area” of the British capital are similar: While the well-to-do can take classes recently with the car to a game of Golf to the Golf course, to London, the fear for their existence, in spite of all the dangers in the “roll the sardines in the underground constraints of day-to-day cans”.

the danger of the underground staff and bus drivers, many of whom have already fallen to the Virus to the victim. The rail workers unions have threatened that’s why on the occasion of the easing of the Lockdown already work stoppages requested. If the responsible do not succeed to provide enough security, trade Union leader Mick Cash said, “the trains are still just”.

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