Unusual prevention-idea – A “Corona-hairstyle” for 50 cents, suddenly you are in Kenya for girls in fashion the protruding pigtails. You remind of the Form of the Coronavirus. Serious Background: The “Corona-hairstyle” is to remind adults of the Corona-prevention. Video: AP

thanks to the outbreak of the Coronavirus was in Kenya, a forgotten girl hairstyle up to date again. Projecting braids had come in the last few years out of fashion. Since the antenna is the same-like braids of the Form of the Virus, you will gain in popularity.

Sharon Refa offers girls in their makeshift Barber shop in the slum district of Kibera in Nairobi, the capital city of the “Corona-hairstyle”. The hairstyle was an effective means to raise awareness amongst the General Public, especially adults, for the Virus, says Refa.

Even the poor can hairstyle

make “most of The kids seem to want their hands like to disinfect and don’t want to wear masks, many adults do this, and that is why we have come up with the “Corona-hairstyle”,” she says. Another reason for the renewed attractiveness of the hairstyle is that it is relatively cheap. Many Kenyans currently have little or no income, since the labour market due to the Coronavirus has dried up.

Margaret Andeya, a mother who has difficulties to make ends meet, says the hairstyle merely fulfill the Styling needs of their daughters, but beautiful also your wallet. The “Corona-hairstyle” costs 50 shillings, the equivalent of about 50 cents, while the average hairstyle 300 to 500 shillings (three-to-five Swiss francs) costs. This is an amount that is not afforded to the majority of people in Kibera at the Moment.

In Kenya, has exceeded the number of confirmed virus cases and 600, where 30 deaths were recorded. Due to a lack of test material is, however, assumed that the actual number of cases is higher. The health authorities are particularly concerned about the possible spread of the Virus in crowded Slums.