Scandals at the University hospital of Zurich, Of cardiac surgery-chief is beurlaubtDer Spitalrat has immediately taken measures for the three clinical Directors who are, because of their behavior in the criticism.Susanne Anderegg8 Kommentare8Francesco Maisano performs first heart surgery. Photo: Urs Jaudas

the Director of The University clinic for cardiac surgery, Francesco Maisano, is on leave for three weeks. “Due to the distressing emergency situation of the Spitalrat ensures that the operation works,” writes the Board of supervisors of the Unispitals. The measure of success, in consultation with the Hospital management. Maisano get even time for a detailed opinion on the report of the law firm Walder Wyss as well as for the ongoing investigation of the University of Zurich.

The flap specialist Maisano ran last week in the headlines, because he had used on patients to novel implants, and scientific publications glossed over. As a shareholder of medical technology companies he benefited personally. The University hospital confirmed the research of Tamedia Newspapers largely, and made the report of the legal office to the public, the it a few months ago in order had given. Of the investigation, numerous allegations about the work Maisanos, which had to bear a Whistleblower in the hospital line. On Tuesday, the University has decided that an investigation into the alleged Unfairness in the science to carry out.

patients diverted

in addition to the cardiac surgeons have recently advised two other Directors of University hospitals in the criticism. Jaw surgery-boss Martin Rücker is accused of, patients from the University hospital in his private practice, redirected and to have you on his account settled, although often his assistant and senior physicians performed the treatments. This was possible because Rücker’s practice is based at the centre for dental medicine, which belongs to the University. The Spitalrat has now arranged that Rücker is allowed to treat now patients only at the University hospital. In addition, a task force reviewed the interfaces between the University clinic for mouth, jaw and facial surgery, as well as the centre for dentistry.

In the third case, it is the long-standing gynecology chief Daniel Fink. He is also accused of unfair enrichment. According to NZZam Sunday, he was in operational plans systematically for interventions that took place at the same time. So he was able to book a private fees, even if he had only looked at it briefly when a surgery is over. Fink is already made for some weeks. Now he finishes his activity at the University hospital definitely. It had been agreed together, writes the Spitalrat. And: The separation success “for health reasons”.

“The call of the Unistpitals by the known allegations of significant harm.”


The Spitalrat was aware that the reputation of the Unispitals has been taken by the three cases of “significant harm”, as stated in the Communiqué. It’s all going to made to the trust in the Institution to restore. The measures taken in the hospital, in exchange with the health Directorate and with the Canton Council’s Commission for Supervision of education and health.

“We already have on Thursday a meeting with the Supervisory Commission,” says hospital President Martin Waser,, “to
of our parliamentary superintendence, we disclose basically everything.” The University hospital could not afford to keep something under the lid. It was going to drop the problems “quickly and thoroughly look at and consequences”. Not only are the allegations against a Maisano is to be investigated, but also those against Fink and Rücker, in all cases, external specialists were commissioned with the examination.

Four Audits at Maisano

not intervened, which is Why the hospital management has already in the past? That there is in the clinic for cardiac surgery problems, internally it was known for some time. Waser: “We are for the past three years, improvements were already carried out four Audits.” Among other things, it went to the high mortality rates after cardiac surgery. New to the topic of scientific integrity, so water had come now, the focus of the investigation spent by the University.

The hospital will accept the results of this investigation and the consequences, together with the University of decide. Maisano is employed as a Professor and clinic Director in both the University as well as at the hospital. Waser emphasized that the heart surgeon is currently free, but only holiday refer. “We make no presumption of guilt, the presumption of innocence applies.”

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