On Sunday, President Joe Biden concluded his time at the Group of 20 summit trying to convince Americans that he has everything under control. He also took on Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia for not doing enough about climate change.

Biden’s overall view of his efforts is that he has $900 billion in renewable energy projects and Congress will vote next week. He has plans to improve the efficiency of ports and reduce inflation in supply chains. He is building an economy that will give workers raises. He is trusted by world leaders in diplomacy.

He also admitted that he isn’t able to bring Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia to the table along with the wider international community in order to reduce carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy.

The U.S. president spoke out Sunday at a news conference, stating that politics are personal and that the Rome summit’s progress came from direct interactions between leaders.

They know me. Biden spoke highly of G-20 leaders, saying “I know them.” “We get things done together.”

Biden stated that “We have made significant progress, but more must be done.” It will require us to keep our eyes on Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Despite all the difficulties facing him, Biden tried to remain optimistic. Biden left the news conference and gave a thumbs-up when asked whether West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin or Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Silena, key Democratic votes, were on board with his $1.75 billion spending plan for families, health and renewable energy. Biden also dismissed his recent slide in polls and said that the numbers are always changing.

In regard to the possible significance of Biden’s thumbs up on congressional negotiations, White House deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated, “As President said during the conference, he is confident that we will get this done and that the thumbs up was just a visual restatement.”

When Biden was asked about Friday’s meeting with Pope Francis, the policy issues seemed to have faded. He became very emotional and seemed to be playing with the COVID-19 mask that he wore. After the 2015 death of Beau, his son, the president spoke about how the pope comforted him and his family in Philadelphia’s airport hangar.

“When I won (Pope Francis called me to say how much he appreciated that I would be focusing on the poor. Biden stated that he would focus on the needs and well-being of those in trouble. He is everything I have learned about Catholicism since I was a child, going from grade school through high school.

With commitments from his fellow leaders, the president left the G-20 with a global minimum income tax. This would make it more difficult for large corporations to avoid paying taxes by transferring their profits to low-tax countries. He also announced additional funding for ports and shipping improvements, as well as a conference on supply chain management next year. He remediated differences with France and the European Union over tariffs, as well as differences with France regarding the sale of nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.

The president met Sunday night with Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan. His office stated that the meeting took place in a positive atmosphere despite tensions regarding human rights and Turkey’s purchase a Russian missile system.

Monday’s trip by Biden to the U.N. Climate Summit in Scotland will see him face questions about whether the richest people on the planet are doing enough to reduce the Earth’s warming by moving away fossil fuels. On Sunday, the president dismissed the contradiction in his statements that he is fighting climate change and asking oil-rich nations to increase their production to lower gasoline prices for U.S. commuters.

Biden stated that the idea that gasoline will not be needed for cars is not possible. It has a profound effect on working-class families just to get to work. It’s consistent with my belief.”