The investigation continues on TF1. This Thursday, October 6, two new episodes of Syndrome E are broadcast, the detective series carried by Vincent Elbaz (Franck Sharko) and Jennifer Decker (Lucie Henebelle), adapted from the famous novel by Franck Thilliez. Among the stars in the cast of the thriller, the public finds in particular the actress Bérengère Krief in the role of Clara Barsky.

At the heart of this thriller, the actress plays a member of the criminal brigade responsible for investigating the strange disappearances of children between France and Canada, as far as Morocco. A role far from the comic register for the comedian, revealed on television in the short pellet and at Marrakech du Rire, organized by Jamel Debbouze. “I was quite surprised by this proposal. The scenario did not stick at all with my usual registers”, recognizes Bérengère Krief with Figaro / TV Magazine.

However, the thirty-year-old has fully invested in better embodying her character. According to the latter, the heroine is “the binding element of the criminal brigade. Out of loyalty, she absolutely wants this split group to reform”, before revealing her flaws to our colleagues. “Her Achilles heel is that she is unhappy if others are too.”

The filming of Syndrome E was not without difficulty for actress Bérengère Krief. And, especially during a scene in episode 3 (broadcast this evening) where his character came back against Sharko (played by Vincent Elbaz) and let his anger burst. “For me, being angry in front of people is crazy. I have a lot of trouble getting out of my hinges, especially when I don’t know people. Because you have to know people to yell at them, but we has not woven anything”, she explains to the site Ciné Séries. “I know that no one is going to get offended. It seems easy because an actor must know how to play everything, but for me, it’s showing his vulnerability in the noble sense of the term”.

Before finding the next episodes of Syndrome E, whose launch brought together an average of 3 million viewers last Thursday on TF1, Bérengère Krief is active in promoting it on social networks. When she is not filming or on stage for her show Amour, the actress shares her daily moments with her 152,000 fans on Instagram. From holidays in the sun to her trendy looks, here is an anthology of her photos in our slideshow.