One of the great mysteries of the gossip press is your loose handling of the concept of confession. “The Golden leaf” allows us to a folk musicians know that the advent had dawned in time: “the most beautiful time of the year – Christmas,’ admits singer Hansi Hinterseer (64), full of anticipation.” This is supposed to be a confession? “Moving Christmas confession” titled the same sheet is a small Text about George Clooney. What’s to confess? “My parents were heavily involved with charity, and each year, we helped at the holidays to needy families, exposed to you at home,’ says George.” The Confessions are not clear what they were used to. And the sins apparently not.

Jörg Thomann

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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the sin of the Archbishop Georg Gänswein, who chatted candidly about a Meeting with Michael Schumacher, would not remain without consequences, was to be expected. The result: a number of Schumi-title stories of the cheap sheets, “He returns – As he looks – What he feels” (“fun”) to “Be priests of the week speaks: So he really is” (“today”). “Be a priest” sounds like a similarly weighty as “doctor”, however, is not known to us, that Gänswein Schumacher’s private priest.

Speaking of the doctor. “The Golden leaf” prints, a photo of Hera Lind’s family and labeled it as follows: “Hera (2. v. l.) with her son Felix (30), daughter Franzi (22), husband Engelbert Lainer-Wartenberg (62), daughter of Fritzi (20), niece and goddaughter Leoni (22) and her son, a pediatrician, Florian (27, left).“ Felix, Franzi, Fritzi and Leoni don’t have any professions? And if there is, it’s not terribly humiliating for you, that only Florian’s doctor is brilliant enough to be called? It is conceivable, of course, is that it is a “children’s doctor Florian” two first names. If this is the case, it would be a clever Trick to pave the offspring of a promising life. The first name in Germany actually, “doctor” approved?

on the Other hand, seems to be, in terms of respectable professions, a changing of the guard. Frank Thelen, an Investor in the TV show “the cave of The lion”, told Gala: “I used to be a complete loser, I also found a girlfriend. This all felt bad. My father has noticed that and …“ Yes, what may have done the father? He sent Frank there to tyre, where, according to the traditional idea of boy-men, in the sports club, to the Federal government or to the brothel? Puff cake: “…and therefore training to be a Software developer”. Jaha, the victory types, and super heroes of tomorrow in Software development training. If I can make it in Software development, I’ll make it anywhere!

“it was in the sea begotten”

And where we are just by the maturation processes, and the name of talk: The well-known Bavarian actor is called not “Current

“Ole Larsson” in turn, sounds so Swedish, as it only goes. Which is why this Name is a Central aspect is put in front in the title story, the “New Post”: “Queen Silvia – How tragic! Now you need to disinherit your daughter“. Is meant to be Madeleine, the power of a supposedly beautiful Lenz in Miami. It is the key witness speaks: “that The Queen intended to disinherit her daughter, scolds the seller Ole Larsson (57). That can’t believe how lazy is that!‘“ Nice Try, The “New Post”. But You know what? Also, we can muster a credible Swedish leniency, and the bus driver Kalle Blomquist (62), the scolds: “The New Post’ is a really stupid magazine.”

The Danish crown Prince couple “The new sheet”, not dedicated, however, for example, the stylist Brigitte Nielsen (42), but only an anonymous “Insider” quoted: “Behind their hands, all talk of a separation or even a divorce. The truth is, both struggle, like any married couple in the Moment.“ This is really a true Insider: Every married couple on this earth is doing hard time at the Moment? Hm, we should immediately call times by our woman.