a Protest against a speech by the President of the Israelite Kultusgemeinde of Munich have left the Bavarian AfD members a Gedenkakt for victims of national socialism. Charlotte Knobloch was criticized on Wednesday in the Bavarian Parliament, the party as unconstitutional and said: “This so-called Alternative for Germany bases its policy on hate and exclusion and not only for me, on the floor of our democratic Constitution.” Then, a majority of the AfD members of Parliament walked out of the chamber. The other groups rose up and applauded Knobloch.

Previously had declared the former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the freedom of democracy the foot on the culture of remembrance. In the Bundestag and in the land of days of a party’s seats but with the AfD, “the power of these values with the scornful”. You are trivializing the crimes of the Nazi era and have “close Links to extreme-right Milieu”, the President of the Jewish community of Munich and upper Bavaria.

In an Interview with the Cologne Domradio said Knobloch, it was important for you to have the memory of the victims of that time. “Memory, for democracy to stand.” At the same time they called the Church to more commitment. “In the case of the AfD, the greatest Opposition is needed! And this is also true for the churches.“ Here is a clear statement from the top was down, needed to take a stand against the anti-democratic and anti-Semitic movements. “The missing me in this clarity yet Often.”

state President, Ilse Aigner, described the reaction of the AfD as a “lack of respect for Mrs Knobloch as a guest of the house and to the Victims of national socialism”. The culture of memory is an integral part of the freedom law, said the CSU politician. “The AfD must ask whether the support.”

Ebner-Steiner: “Appropriate response”

The AfD group Chairman Katrin Ebner-Steiner justified the behavior as an “appropriate response”. Knobloch accused you to have the commemorative event abused, “to defame the entire AfD and the democratically elected group by the worst kind of package positions”.

praise for Knobloch came from the Essen Catholic vicar-General Klaus pepper. On Facebook he wrote: “Charlotte Knobloch says clearly what needs to be said to the AfD.” The scandal, the have staged the vast majority of members of this party then, speak for themselves. Also, the Vice-President of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Wolfgang Klose, paid tribute to the speech of respect. “Excellent! Thank you to Mrs. Knobloch for clear and proper words!“, so Klose is also on Facebook.