melt Hardly the dummy arguments of the diesel hunters like snow in the spring sun, and again dug out a General speed limit on Germany’s motorways. Applied for decades, time and again, the arguments are as weak as ever. Alternatively, it means that you have to drive slowly, in order to protect the climate. Or because of accidents. Or because it makes abroad. Sometimes the facts help.

Holger Appel

editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

motorways are the safest roads in Germany. Head-on collisions, such as on land, except roads, of the spirit riders, is excluded. Per billion vehicle kilometres complain of 1.6 deaths, the speed limit of the country, local and Federal roads, it is 5.3 Dead. The impression may be deceiving because of the sensational accidents on highways in the media, TV stations love to show spectacular pictures. However, with the true security that has nothing to do with it.

There are no increased security with a rigid speed limit. Germany’s highways are safer than those in France, Italy or North America. There are to complain, to seek, to the above-mentioned comparison again, despite the universal speed limit of 1.9 to 3.8 Deaths. And France is not even obliged, in addition to the motorway, colorful installations, so that the people falling asleep at the wheel before the monotony.