Your banking services could cost you less. As Capital reports, you could save on bank fees by kicking two bad habits. Indeed, according to a study by the comparator Panorabanques published on June 21 and relayed by the economic daily, 31% of French people claim not to pay attention to the bank in which they withdraw cash on a daily basis, despite the costs that these withdrawals generate. .

These cash withdrawals made outside the network of ATMs of its own bank have seen their pricing soar according to the comparator Panorabanques. Indeed, the average annual cost of four withdrawals moved per month increased by 39% in 2022 to 12 euros, against only 8.6 euros in 2021 according to Panorabanques.

The banks all have a number of free withdrawals to be made in banks other than yours. If you exceed this limit, your bank will then charge you for withdrawals. It is essential to check with your bank the number of free withdrawals per month to which you are entitled and thus to favor withdrawals in ATMs of your bank thereafter. You can also anticipate and withdraw large sums in order to avoid multiple withdrawals which will make your bank charges soar. Capital specifies that 24 banks have decided to lower the number of free authorized, such as CIC and Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. At the same time, five other banks also increased the unit cost of the moved withdrawal when it exceeds the free limit. This is particularly the case of the LCL.

Faced with the gradual disappearance of the number of ATMs, a major problem arises, how to withdraw money from an ATM in our banking network if there are no more in our surroundings? As a reminder, at the end of 2020, according to the Banque de France, metropolitan France had 48,710 cash dispensers in operation, compared to 50,316 a year earlier (and 52,451 at the end of 2018), i.e. an annual decrease of 3.2%. “This decrease is concentrated in the most populated and best equipped cities, reflecting an optimization of existing facilities in the best equipped areas and therefore not being likely to alter the accessibility indicators”, however tries to put the situation into perspective. ‘institution.

In addition to withdrawals outside their banking network, French households have the possibility of reducing their bank charges by making them online. Indeed, according to the Panorabanques survey revealed by Capital, the unit cost of bank transfers in branches increased by 9.5% in 2022, going from 4.2 euros to 4.6 euros on average. An increase occurred due to the joint tariff increase of 48 banks.

Panorabanques reveals the banks that have increased the amount of bank transfers in branches the most. These are Crédit du Nord, which charges them 8 euros, Société Générale and the Caisses du Crédit Agricole which make them pay 7 euros per unit and LCL which sets the bank transfer in the branch at 6.09 euros. If this is already the case for many bank customers, do not hesitate to make your bank transfers by internet via the online space of your bank.