Taxes: the tax authorities reimburse 13 million taxpayers, are you concerned?


While the French have been starting to receive their tax notice for a few days, the ministry responsible for public accounts has taken stock of this 2022 campaign. As reported by our colleagues from BFMTV this Tuesday, August 1, 10.7 million tax households owe money to the state. But they are 13.7 million waiting for a refund from the tax authorities.

28% of taxpayers thus have a balance to pay. These are households whose tax rate was not up to date, which recorded a significant increase in their income, or which benefited from too large an advance of reductions and tax credits in 2022.

The State thus expects to receive 22.5 billion euros in regularization, or 2,103 euros on average. This money will be taken directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts between September and December. In installments if the amount is greater than 300 euros or in one installment if it is less than or equal to this sum.

At the same time, 13.7 million tax households will receive money from the state. These include taxpayers who have not reported a significant drop in income or who have not reported the birth of a child. Result: their rate of withholding tax was too high in 2021. People who declared for the first time in 2021 expenses entitling them to tax reductions and credits (childcare, employment of an employee at home, buy-to-let investments etc.) will also receive a refund.

The State thus plans to pay back 11.5 billion euros. These reimbursements, which began on July 21 and must end on Tuesday August 2, are made directly by bank transfer or by check when the tax administration does not have the taxpayers’ bank details.

To avoid these refunds as much as possible, the tax administration launched an information campaign called “Tell us too” in mid-June. The objective was to encourage taxpayers to update their situation so that their level of withholding tax corresponded to the amount of their final tax.