Joachim Herrmann is not often in the city, in which his father was born. But this Thursday, the Bavarian Minister of the interior, is driven into the upper Palatinate. “A good sign,” says Michael Cerny, the mayor of the city of Amberg. The two CSU politicians in the late afternoon with Thomas Schöniger from the police headquarters in upper Palatinate in the town hall and want to inform about the alleged vigilantes, in Amberg, Germany, to the attacks of four asylum-seekers at passers-by formed. “The Dimension of the coverage I could have never imagine – that is perhaps a bit too much,” says Cerny. Neither is there in Amberg, more or less problems with immigrants than in other Bavarian municipalities. Still, there is a “intense right-wing scene”.

Theresa White


F. A. Z.

On the eve had come four NPD members from Nürnberg to Amberg, and had the lion statues in front of city hall for photos posing. On Facebook, they called for “protection zones” and a citizens ‘ militia, the Amberger is to protect from violent immigrants. Marches or demonstrations, there were no Asses.

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) had demanded before the days of stricter deportation arrangements. Even the Bavarian Minister of the interior, it looks so, as he says in Amberg. Although the city was currently safe and the police have caught the perpetrators quickly; however, it is important that Seehofer’s legislative proposals seriously. The perpetrators of Amberg would deport Herrmann: “The significant physical injury is a sufficient reason for deportation. Strange political actions of the right are, however, a danger, and no strengthening.“ Currently, the detained suspects are in custody. Two hours it had lasted, until the police had you arrested.

“witch hunts against the Natives.”

In this time, there have been no emergency calls, said Deputy chief Schöniger. Even if the situation is currently very quiet, observed Schöniger a reduced sense of security among the citizens. Michael Cerny has asked Herrmann to increase the police presence in Amberg. Also, the Federal police will check at the train station reinforced, and be present. “We are going to show the population that the police is there. Deputies do not want to, we have,“ says Schöniger.