During his troop visit in Iraq, the us President, Donald Trump has seem to reveal the secret location of a team of U.S. Navy Seals – with a Video on Twitter. Also his communications team in the White house have not disclosed the whereabouts of the secret military unit in a communication to journalists, reported in the American news magazine “Newsweek”. For security reasons, will not normally be announced, where American special forces are deployed.

Trump had travelled at Christmas with his wife Melania in Iraq to visit American troops at the al Asad Airbase. For security reasons, the date of the visit was kept secret until the last moment, as well as other Details.

In full combat gear

The report of the press Department of the White house, “Newsweek” , while still Trumps Iraq visit for the journalists has been released. Thus, read in the fact that Trump let out a Selfie of himself and a captain, a Lieutenant, had said he was the chaplain of the “Seal team five”. Trump should have then replied: “Hey, if this is so, let us take a photo.”

After Trump had left the Airbase in Iraq, posted it on Twitter a Video. This shows him, according to “Newsweek,” as he poses with his wife, Melania, and members of the Navy Seal unit. The soldiers are in full battle gear and wearing goggles, helmets with night-vision.

Normally, the faces of the members of this special unit to be pixelated or blurred, and their identity kept secret – in Trumps Video the faces are recognizable but. The Video is with the song “God Bless the USA” (in English: God bless America) by Lee Greenwood.

The U.S. Navy Seals are a special unit of the American armed forces. They are used mainly for covert operations in enemy areas, but also participate in direct combat missions or in the fight against terrorism.

intelligence specialist: it is Not the usual procedure

The Seals have two main headquarters in the United States, in Coronado, California and Little Creek, Virginia. In addition, there are several small, globally-based Seal-Teams, whose locations are secret, including the one in Iraq.

Normally, the American President, to keep the whereabouts of the US Navy Seals secret, especially when the soldiers are in combat zones. You are empowered as a commander-in-chief of the armed forces, however, in principle, to make secret information public.